The School Bus Project

The Internet of Things (IoT) is still a strong contender in the field of smart technology for the future: it paves the way for possibilities under the umbrella of smart cities with opportunities lying in transportation, public safety and more to better the communities’ quality of life.

Despite this, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s remarks at the Sequoia Capital’s technology summit rings true in that the little red dot “is not moving as fast as we ought to” in adopting new technologies and the man in charge himself has been quoted to say that he looks forward to the advances Singapore is able to achieve through the better use of data to make the transport system more responsive by adapting to demand and reducing unnecessary services, amongst other things.

And while transportation remains at the forefront of how the nation can grow through smart technology, working Singaporean parents have a much more pressing concern regarding this: the safety of their children who rely on school transport.

Armed with this knowledge, Overdrive teamed up with a local transport provider to roll out a new mobile app for an end-to-end IoT solution to address these concerns and put the minds of working parents at ease, called The School Bus Project.

The School Bus Project

Parents are initially given a tag for their children’s use. The app itself will send a notification to the parents when it is arriving, allowing ample time for them to arrange for their child to make the bus. Thereafter, the child taps in with the tag when boarding the bus and arrives safely at school, which the parents will also be notified of.

After school, the child will again tap in with the tag upon boarding the bus, and the app will send a notification to the parents once more when the bus is arriving to their house, who will then have to verify upon their child exiting the bus – this ensures that the loop is closed and that both child and parents are equally taken care of and all whereabouts are known.

Launched in July 2015, the project now has about 300 children and their parents using the School Bus app.

 Greater Efficiency for Bus Services













Bus drivers play a large part in ensuring the safety of its children passengers and this is further heightened with the School Bus app.

Through the app, they can worry less about tedious operations such as taking attendance and focus on road safety, and thanks to the boarding system and parents being able to notify the app should their children be absent, they are also able to quickly modify their route and shorten waiting time for other passengers.

Furthermore, they are also able to use the app to ensure that everyone is tapped in or dropped off before or after journeys, ensuring that no boy or girl is left behind.

The local bus provider has also shared that, on average, fleet management has saved as much as 15 minutes per job allocation (from 20 minutes previously), enabled heightened security where the assigned guardians are required to authenticate upon receiving the younger students being dropped off after school, while the parents are promptly notified through the mobile app.


Greater Transparency for Schools

The app also affords more transparency for schools, who are often the first source of information parents go to should they need to know the whereabouts of their children.

This previously proved to be challenging as the school would have to closely collaborate with the bus drivers themselves to find out more but with the School Bus app, they are now able to gain first-hand information to aid parents and gain a bigger and better picture.


Smart Schools & Buses – Key Building Block for Smart Nation

 Overdrive’s mission to connect all things on the move allow more opportunities for IoT to shine via various industries, and as said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, “If we can automate the things that are routine, then we can concentrate on the things that really matter.”


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